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ok, first off, hiya an' jojo! thats from mike...who was helping today

anyhoo, dont send anyone this page! this is for YOUR EYES ONLY,lol...

i need to make sure before i start cuttin up these flowers that you like them...

understand, this is stuff STUCK inside etc...not the "Finished Product" ok?

now, here ya go, i found these AWESOME flowers in the medium purple color, the rest of the arrangement would be white and green:

[click the pic]

centerpiece.jpg (50930 bytes)

ignore the baskets etc around it, there are white hangydowny flowers that were too special to passup, and those medium purplish blue flowers are lilacish shaped....and can be majorly spread out cuz its a bunch of them stuck in the middle.


if you dont want the next item? fine , whatEVER cuz, at five bucks a pop i will KEEP THEM MYSELF if you dont think theyre the right thing, ok?

this is what i was choosing tween:

[click the pic]

garlands.jpg (70570 bytes)

the one circled is the one i thought looked most realistic and pretty:

[click the... oh you know what to do by now]

garland1.jpg (38324 bytes)

and no pressure but, i can also make bouquets but, would want a DEFINITE PICTURE of what you want them to look like, here are some i found in person as opposed to online,

i have mike holding them so you can see the size of them.

{personally i think an all white bouquet for you would be completely wasted, you wouldnt see it in front of your dress!!!! but thats just ONE OPINION}

bouquet1.jpg (30029 bytes)       bouquet2.jpg (31233 bytes) i like the shape of the hangydowny one, specially if it was in a blue grouping or even a purple grouping....anyhoo, email me TODAY as soon as you can, cuz i wanna get that centerpiece cut up n put together asap! cant cut until you tell me if you like it or not~