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Pond plants you can have:

Mare's tail- wild in Oklahoma ditches, considered a marginal pond plant. Moving water doesn't bother this plant.

Umbrella Plant- type of papyrus, grows fast, not hardy, also a marginal pond plant. Moving water doesn't bother this plant.

Floating Clover- pot sits a bit lower than the side ledges but not all the way to the bottom of the pond. Hardy if put on the bottom before freezing temps, no blooms, and if there is lotsa shade, it has large leaves [see UPPER POND] and if there is lotsa sun, the leaves are smaller. Best kept out from under moving water or fountains.

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Floating Parrot's Feather- can be potted or not, my potted one came thru the winter but the non-potted ones I'm not sure of, they spent the winter in a greenhouse.

Various "air" plants- dropped in the pond they tend to sink to midway or the bottom and provide oxygen to the fish. They do bloom but its a tiny white flower that isn't noticeable at first.

Other plants I have are two lilies, and two irises which have yet to bloom, and two other marginals I completely forgot the names of. My pond is really not big enough to have two lilies in but I make room later on. The fish need some type of shade if the pond is sunny. At first I put a large black plant pot with a hole cut out and a rock on top at the bottom of the pond to give them someplace to go. They get sunburnt you know~now the plants around the pond give it shady areas for them.

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