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a bit of info:

Pattern name is "Twister" and I finished the top of this lap quilt in April 1999, one

month before the F5 tornado came thru the center of Oklahoma and threatened too

many of my family in the process. {for you radar buffs, go here}

Made for my granny, she ended up losing her home,

and had to wait another 8 months to get someplace to live. She's doing great now...

but I wonder if this is some kinda sign???'s just a quilt!!

It's machine pieced,and hand quilted {I'll put the finished picture up as soon as I can}

Fabric is cotton and cotton blends from sale racks.

The center panel was the hardest part of this quilt, finding a quilt pattern to fit drove

me almost to the point of fanaticism!! I ended up drawing out a quilting pattern, and

I must say, it looks MAHVELOUS, lol...promise I'll put the finished picture up soon!

Finished in time for Christmas 1999