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Updated on October 7, 2000

Quilt Links
"Other Endeavors" -another one of my pages, shows dolls, pillows, etc.

"1000 Quilts for Oklahoma" -a wonderful site taking donations of quilts for those

here in Oklahoma who lost all they had during the May 3rd tornado.

"Quilts, Counterpanes, and Throws" -an interesting site to browse.

The Lost Quilts Page - take a look, see if you can help someone find a keepsake!

A Quilter By Design -paper piecing, quilt gallery,etc.

Lost Quilt Come Home Page -go look!

Quilting Errata -if you've bought quilt books in the past and have found an error

in the cutting or sewing instructions, this is where you post them! {Or find them!}

ABC Quilts Project -a national volunteer organization that provides handmade

quilts to at-risk babies across America.

DQuilter's Web Page -updating soon, go see these!!

Quilt Creations/ French Fabrics -a really great french quilt page,but, it's not

written in french!

Dutchman Designs -free patterns, etc.

The Quilter's Cache - free patterns

Stack n Slash -a lil different way to make a quick quilt!

Popser's Playground - delve into the beginnings of a quilter's obsession!

Stack n Whack - go check out this new technique!

Stack n Whack Gallery -pictures of stack n whack quilts

Quilt Gallery Magazine -gallery of different quilts

Missing Fabrics -page you can post your requests for lost fabrics or help others

find some they've been missing! Also books and other quilting supplies.

Professional Association of Appraisers Quilted Textiles \PAAQT -has a webpage

where you can find an appraiser for your quilts, but also has a very informative page

concerning documenting your NEW quilts! Please go there and take a look! You

would be surprised what your descendants will want to know about you!

Quilts for Cancer -non profit site devoted to helping chemotherapy patients keep warm.

Oklahoma Quiltworks -site for finding just about anything your heart desires!

A Quilter's Coloring Book -great site for any quilter, block search, etc...a must see.

Redwork patterns -click here for some pretty patterns to embroider

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