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a bit of info:

This is my very first quilt...and it took the LONGEST TO COMPLETE. If I had known

then what I know now, I would have used sashing! This quilt was so brain-numbing to

look at, I had to tie it instead of quilt it! Even then it was like looking at a spinning

swirl! It was made for our bed, and since it was my first quilt, I had no idea that once

you tie or quilt a top, it shrinks. This is also the only high-loft batt I've ever used.

{ I normally use polyester low-loft}

Finished in 1996, ten years after the top was done. Measures 8'1" x 7'1" and the blocks

are 12" square {finished size}. Borders are mitered. 42 blocks with 8 triangles in each one.

detail 1 detail 2