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a bit of info:

This quilt was made for my dad out of some ugly nasty GOLF PANTS he owned, LOL, notice the mustard yellow, the turquoise, and the very light grey? Can you imagine anyone wearing these colors?? It was made as a Christmas present, and because he's cold natured, he wanted it LONGER than it was originally. The area on each end from the crazy quilting strip to the end was added on later. All polyester, machine pieced and hand quilted, the pattern is referred to as "Crossed Canoes" and I backed this quilt with a cotton blend sheet cut to fit {white} and brought around to the front to double as binding. Colors are much darker than the real thing, the background color is actually a dark grey, almost smoky black.

Since this quilt is polyester, it's very warm, and since it's only lap quilt size, it's not too heavy.

Finished in 1996 and measures 7'6" x 4'

{my dad is tall,LOL}

{ originally measured 6' x 4' }